Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY; Tram Is Open, and Snow’s on the Way!

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The amazing tram spins once again at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Photo: P.M.Fadden

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Report from December 3, 2022

A crisp Teton morning of pure bluebird bliss saw the famed tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort [JHMR] spin to wintery life once again, much to the absolute stoke of everybody.

The tram, lovingly known to all as ‘Big Red,’ whisks up to 100 skiers, snowboarders, and sightseer’s up 4,000 feet of vert in just nine minutes and is an icon of the Teton Mountain ski experience, not to mention a mainstay among the fantastic facilities at JHMR.

Big Red with a prime view of Corbet’s. Photo: P.M.Fadden

The tram joins fellow lifts, Sublette, the Bridger Gondola, and Marmot, all of which opened yesterday to serve-up prime access to 4,139 vertical feet of terrain. This means that our downhill pals at JHMR are now enjoying Rendezvous Bowl, Cheyenne Bowl, Gros Ventre, and Tram Line, among others.

We were among many locals and visitors, all frothing at the mouth for epic turns waiting above—and they were, rest assured. But the truly fantastic realization was just how much fresh snow there was to go around; untracked terrain was not in short supply.

And break out the extra-wide grin because there’s weather inbound folks.

No Crowds means zero wait time to enjoy excellent turns and views. Photo: P.M.Fadden

When hatching your plans, here’s a word to the wise: dial in to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s smooth-as-silk ticketing reservation system, and mark your ski dates ahead. Thanks to that clever system, your next ski experience at JHMR will be made all the better for how personalized it feels.

There is no wait time for all intents and purposes because there are no lines. The mountain is so close to yours and yours alone, you might pinch yourself.

No need for fuss; a free public bus comes straight to you. Photo: P.M.Fadden

And put extra shine upon an already fantastic day by choosing the pro-move of harnessing public transport. The Jackson area and JHMR have a transit system of buses that are convenient, quick, and door-to-door when it comes to car-door-to-tram-door service.

It’s a sure-fire time save, which we turned into an extra tram lap-or-two.

Top station to new Thunder Chairlift as seen from the cabin of Big Red. Photo: P.M.Fadden

And lastly, perhaps best of all, the new snow on the horizon is arriving just as JHMR fires up still more happy news; the new Thunder Chairlift is set to join the good-times Saturday, December 10. That opening date will be followed by a December 17 fiesta featuring live music and a ribbon cutting.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing you there for all the above!

Enjoy this 2,500 acres premier winter playground via chairlifts, Gondolas, and Tram, which operate daily within a 9 am to 4 pm window, with Half-Day tickets kicking off from 12:30 pm. And it’s a nice long season at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, spanning the opening on November 25 through April 9. And, like we said, there’s snow on the way again.

Dear friends, stay frothy because the forecast is looking frosty. And an ultimate experience at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is waiting for you.

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