Jackson Hole, WY Backcountry Report: Bluebird, Powder, Backflip Daydream…

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Report from February 9th, 2020

Yesterday we arrived early and got on the first tram of the day at Jackson Hole, WY.

The morning was cold, sunny, with very little wind.

We went straight into the backcountry.

Miles upside down. image: snowbrains

The snow was good albeit a bit funky on more southerly aspects due to the powerful early morning sunshine.

We skied 2 laps in the sun that were glorious and fun.

We then skied 2 laps in the shade and the snow was even better without the effects of the sun.

Tyler laying into one. image: snowbrains

Yesterday was a glorious day at Jackson Hole with old friends.

We didn’t go up high off Cody Peak today (we weren’t quite comfortable with the avalanche conditions), but many did and their tracks were beautiful.

This place is incredible.

Cody Peak. image: snowbrains


Avalanche forecast for 2/9/20. image: jhavalanche.org


Rusty likes it. image: snowbrains
Cody Peak. image: snowbrains
Up. image: snowbrains
Breakneck. image: snowbrains
Cliff hucking up high. image: snowbrains
Cave air. image: snowbrains
Cody Peak. image: snowbrains
Tyler crushing. image: snowbrains
No Name. image: snowbrains
Rusty in the shade. image: snowbrains
Pucker Face track. image: snowbrains
Tram. image: snowbrains

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