Jackson Hole, WY Conditions Report: 356″ of Snow This Season

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Jackson today. image: Ehrin/snowbains

words and photos by Ehrin D.

1 to 2 inches of fresh snow was the deciding factor for the day.

The steady dribble of light snow over the past 24 hours provided small powder stashes hidden in the trees that provided fun turns and slashes if you could seek and destroy them. But that same 1 to 2 inches tempted skiers and riders into some treacherously bumpy off-piste zones (read: Saratoga Bowl) that turned out to be dust on hard crust. The steady addition of snow throughout the day added some light free refills and kept the slashes powdery, especially near the trees.

Jackson today. image: Ehrin/snowbains
The bit of fresh snow and cold temps made the groomers fast, fun and a nice respite from the chundery pow-seeking. Upper elevations maintained low temps all day but were contrasted by some low-vis fogginess. Middle mountain conditions were prime (cold snow and better vis) for airing-off cat tracks.
Jackson today. image: Ehrin/snowbains
The Jackson Hole Moose Hockey team won their 9th straight game Friday night against the oddly-named San Francisco Draft Kings.

With as much as 6” expected for Sunday night, J-Hole is a prime target for those seeking fresh turns and soft landings on Monday!

Jackson today. image: Ehrin/snowbains


image: jackson hole, today


image: noaa, today

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