Jackson Hole, WY Conditions Report: January 10th, 2018

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Liza loving it at Jackson Hole yesterday. image: greggy

by Gregovich Berkory

January 10th, 2018 report

After hearing the rain in town all night and waking up to warm temperatures, we were nonetheless excited to go to the mountain early – hoping that the top of the mountain had gotten the 8 inches of new snow that were promised overnight. 

The morning started out with both on wind and avalanche control. The mountain teams did an excellent job opening up both around 9:30am, and we were able to go up to survey the conditions.
Liza in the goods yesterday. image: greggy
We could tell even for the lift that the wind had done a number on the snow with relatively little accumulation on south facing terrain and lots of fun looking slabby snow on north faces. 
While on the heavy side in general – this stuff was a blast to power through and the low base meant there were tons of little pillows to hop off of. 
Throughout the day it continued to snow, heavily at times, and while parts of the mountain were getting pretty bumpy (and vis was an issue) there were other parts like the expert chutes that stayed pretty unskied and kept reaping the new snow.

Overall, it was an excellent and much needed day, the heavier snow should do a good job covering the many rocks that are still around and with a colder storm on the horizon at least the higher elevations of Jackson finally look like they should for January.


image: jackson hole, today


Snow forecast for base of Jackson Hole. image: noaa, today

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