Jackson Hole, WY Report: Kings & Queens, Colby Stevenson’s Run, Double Pillow Drops, Long Runs, & Another Storm

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Report February 7, 2023

We rolled up to Jackson Hole, WY yesterday at about 10am looking for powdered leftovers.

We found some really fun stuff, but the mountain was mostly tracked out.

After a few runs of searching for pow, we resigned to watch the Kings & Queens comp in Corbet’s Couloir.

I’d never watched this comp before and it was sick.

Big airs, hard crashes, insane tricks, good music pumping, solid announcers, and a raucous crowd made the experience excellent.

I chilled and watched the comp for a while with Owen, Haley, Fox, Nate, and a gaggle of wild party skiers and riders.

Colby Stevenson’s runs was absolutely nuts…

After seeing Colby throw down, I headed home to rest up for the powder storm that ended up hitting Jackson today.

What a winter!

I’m exhausted and happy.


image: jackson hole, 2/8/23


image: noaa, 2/8/23


Rock with snow on top. image: snowbrains
Foggy at times. image: snowbrains
The Tetons are gorgeous. image: snowbrains
Top of the tram. image: snowbrains
Corbet’s Couloir. image: snowbrains
Corbetts and the big comp park jump. image: snowbrains
Tram. image: snowbrains
Kings & Queens. image: snowbrains
Corbet’s Couloir and the Jackson Hole Tram. image: snowbrains
Apres tea. image: snowbrains

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