Jackson Hole, WY Report: Wet Powder Fun!

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Duane off Apres Vous today. image: snowbrains

Report from February 14th, 2019

We got to Jackson Hole ski resort in Wyoming today early.

Our crew rolled in last night late from Salt Lake.

Arrivals as late as 5 am.

Some of us ended up in vans with random people paying good money to drive 5 hours through across the wastelands to Jackson.

Others of us drove white-knuckled through the night.

Some arrived with bags, some without.

Teton Lift. image: snowbrains

All of us except one (no bags = no skis for Jen) made it to the mountain today and we were all stoked.

The new snow was wet for Jackson Hole but still damn fun.

We skied Teton Lift, Apres Vous, Sublette, Thunder, Marmot, the Tram, everywhere.

The Alta Chutes were $$$.

Apres Vous glades were fresh.

Sublette glades were great along with Classic Chutes.

Tower 3 off Thunder was a crowd pleaser.

Upper mountain was better than lower mountain.

Duane. image: Peter Sedavic


image: squaw, today


image: noaa, today

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