Jackson Hole, WY Adds Online Orders for Lunch—Skip the Lines and Keep Skiing

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Now at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort you can order from both RPK3 and Café 6311 anywhere on the mountain via Jackson Hole’s website. Image courtesy of Snowplaza.

With COVID-19 forbidding large capacities of people inside lodges during this ski season, many ski resorts have shifted to having take-out options that you can eat in outdoor seating areas through the resort. With resorts still adjusting to this new strategy, line-ups during peak lunchtime can be astounding. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is among the latest places to add the option of ordering lunch online for both RPK3 and Café 6311.

Café 6311 has taken many precautions this year, including mask-wearing, social distancing, and now the ability to order food & drinks online. Image courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Why Bother Ordering Online?

Well, for starters, I guarantee it will save you time. Although it may be annoying to take your phone out at the top of the mountain when the winds are blowing, and it’s 15º outside, it will still be worth it. By doing this, you allow yourself to continue skiing as your meal is prepared instead of waiting around at the restaurant staring at the mountain you wish you were skiing. You also get to skip the line, which in some cases during lunchtime can become quite long. In my personal experience this year, I was at Crystal Mountain Resort for opening weekend and ordered tacos from their Taco Stand at the base and ended up paying $17 after 15 minutes of standing in line and 35 minutes of waiting for three small cold tacos on a day I could have been skiing powder. Now that is the last thing you want.

If you are not into paying the large markups of on-hill dining and long wait times at ski resorts this year, many resorts are also encouraging people to bring their own packed lunch to the hill to further decrease strain on new dining systems.

Regardless, if you plan on eating on the mountain, order online! It helps the restaurants work more efficiently and prevents you from getting frustrated at a system that everyone is still getting used to.

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