VIDEO: Jackson, WY Local Andrew Whiteford Skis Rarely Attempted Extreme Line on Cody Peak

SnowBrains |

Local skier Andrew Whiteford recently nailed Talk-to-Central; a rarely-attempted, gnarly, extreme line on Cody Peak, Jackson Hole, WY. And managed to capture the whole thing for us to watch and marvel at (with sweaty palms…).

The lines between pro and local dark horse talent have always been blurry. Stoked to see the motivated local crushers sending the big lines this winter w hard earned skill and creativity. Here, @dubjh, who works as a wildlife guide in Jackson during the week, taking down the rowdy highly committing and exposed Talk is Cheap into Central Coulior aka Talk to Central. Epic drone work by @hal_v_sun. Keep swiping 👈🏽 to see @dubjh’s POV…😳 Keepin’ it real in @jacksonhole #haveabryceday – Jimmy Chin

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