Cody Peak, Corbet’s, & Moose, 3 Days in Jackson Hole| Trip Report, Video & Photo Tour

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“You guys are on a ski bender” said Clem Smith as we left the Lost Trail Lodge after an overnight backcountry trip with Tecnica Blizzard in Tahoe. In a way we were, as we loaded up the car and drove for 14 hours straight to Jackson. We arrived around 2am Wednesday morning and slept in the car as temps hovered around zero. The next day was the first of three insanely awesome days at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. First run of our first day and Tydel drops Corbet’s without hesitation, his first run at Jackson ever.


The first day was killer, Corbet’s was ripping and had some of the best snow on the mountain once you got past the ‘slide for life’ drop in. After poking around Cheyenne bowl for a bit we were able to find some fun airs that kept us entertained all day long. With the first day behind us, we headed to town for some accommodations other than sleeping in the car.

Corbet's Reflections…Doug Coombs
Corbet’s Reflections…Doug Coombs

Day two started out cold, windy, and with flat light. After hanging around the race course where some friends were coaching for the U16 Western Region Championships, we headed up the tram for some waffles at Corbet’s Cabin. After some amazing waffles, we headed to Corbet’s once again. The thing about Corbet’s, and Jackson in general, is that multiple days after a storm, the wind creates a constant refresh button, wind-buff and chalk conditions were everywhere, making for another sick inbounds day at Jackson. 

Jesse with No-Name Peak in the back
Jesse with No-Name Peak in the back

The third day we finally got out the gate when we met up with our friend Alex who took us out toward Cody Peak. After a mellow, yet spots of gnar bootpack, we got to the top of Pucker Face. Cody Peak arguably offers some of the best side-country terrain imaginable, steep roll over terrain with perfect snow the entire way down. After Pucker Face we headed out to No-Name Peak for some more untracked wind buffed snow all the way down. From there it’s out to Four Pines and then a traverse back to the resort to Union Pass Chair at the bottom of the Hobacks, which conveniently takes you back to the tram, for one last Corbet’s lap before you go, as was the case with us.


Jackson Hole is a killer place any winter, with this one being no exception. 453” for the season with a trough for the tram up top says something for sure. Jackson is hands down killing it right now, and if you can swing a trip up yonder, I highly recommend it, as the mountain is closing rather soon. Awesome snow, and some of the best terrain imaginable makes Jackson a destination on every true skiers list, and might quite possible convince you to move to a new ski town… 



No-Name prep
No-Name prep
Pucker Face
Pucker Face


Corbet's Couloir
Corbet’s Couloir


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