Legendary Ski Trail Map Artist James Niehues Sets Out to Illustrate America’s Most Iconic National Parks

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James Niehues,
James Niehues and his Rocky Mountain National Park, CO painting. Credit: James Niehues

James Niehues, the celebrated artist behind the evocative hand-drawn depictions of more than 200 ski resorts across the globe, announced today the start of a journey more than thirty years in the making.

After 35-years as one of the most established mountain guides in winter sports history, Niehues is now setting his exacting eye and inimitable talent on celebrating America’s most beloved National Parks and breathtaking landscapes. As he closes the door to new ski clients, he starts a new chapter targeting 50 brand new illustrations, starting with four Western US favorites: Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion, and Grand Teton National Parks. A journey contemplated for many years, Niehues is looking forward to applying his unmatched skill and unsparing attention to detail to some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world.

“I have always been inspired by Ansel Adams’ sense of drama, composition, and lighting, which to me have always been most profoundly depicted in his National Parks work. This project is a new chapter for me, and I am thrilled to share my interpretation of the greatest National Parks and landscapes in America.”

– James Niehues

James Niehues, national parks,
James Niehues sketch of Zion National Park, UT. Credit: James Niehues

To celebrate the start of the project, Niehues will release 25 limited-edition Art Prints for each of his new Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion, and Grand Teton National Park sketches. Each print will be signed and individually numbered by the artist. Unsigned prints will also be available.

As a show of commitment to making the National Parks and public lands enjoyable for generations to come, James Niehues and his publisher, Open Road Ski Company, will donate 10% of the sale from each signed print to the National Parks Conservation Alliance to help support their mission to protect and enhance America’s National Park system.

“The initial release of sketches for this ambitious project is incredible. We are honored to share them with Jim’s ever-expanding fan base while also giving back to the National Parks.”

– Todd Bennett, co-founder of Open Road Ski Company

To follow Niehues’ journey on documenting America’s public lands’ beauty and help in selecting which areas he captures next, visit jamesniehues.com, and follow his adventures on Instagram and Twitter @jamesniehues, and on Facebook @jamesniehuesorsc.

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  1. I love James Niehues’ work. Now I know what to say when my kids ask what I want for Christmas. James Niehues book. It’s a hundred bucks so it can be a group gift.

    1. He went on a signing tour about a year and half, he was a very nice guy. So humble and he seemed surprised that 200 young ski bums came out to see him!

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