This Is the Snowpack in Niigata, Japan, After More Than 870″ Snow This Winter

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Japan, Japow,
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This picture speaks more than a thousand words. This is the snowpack at the Lotte Arai Ski Area on Mt. Okenashi in Niigata, Japan, following more than 72-feet of snow this season—that’s more than 870″.

According to the local snow safety program, most of that snow fell between December 17th and February 24th. That’s 69-days. More than a foot of snow every single day for two months. Do they ever see the sun during winter?!

Insane! No wonder they call it JaPOW.

The resort is scheduled to stay open through May 15th, so there’s still plenty of shredding to be had.

Japan, Lotte Arai,
Lotte Arai ski area trail map.
Lotte Arai ski area, Japan.

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