Lake Tahoe Guy Digs Out Jeep Buried Beneath 10-Feet of Snow Since November

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Credit: Jalopnik

A Tesla engineer bought a 2000 Jeep Cherokee in November, but before he could spend much time enjoying it, it ended up buried beneath 10-feet of snow near Lake Tahoe. Within an hour of being bought, a blizzard hit, preventing tow companies from helping, so the engineer left the vehicle for four months to be crushed by 10 feet of snow. The Jeep sits in the same spot today, reports Jalopnik.

“I couldn’t recover it and had to abandon it,” the owner told Jalopnik, “while Tahoe experienced record snowfall (the local measurement was 500+ inches post-entrenchment). No tow service was willing to drive on the packed snow road after the first blizzard hit.”

Buried beneath an estimated 4,200-pounds of snow! Credit: Jalopnik

A few months later, in mid-March, the owner and two of his friends grabbed a shovel and went out to search of the Jeep under the snow. Using the Jeep’s Panic Button, the trio was able to hear the horn, but only faintly. Many times, he and his friends dug holes only to find ice instead of the 4×4, but after roughly three hours of disappointment, the team finally hit something hard 10-feet down.

After being crushed beneath an estimated 4,200-pounds of snow, the Cherokee will need some repairs, but in case you were wondering, it started right up after a jump.

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