Jeremy Jones’ Favorite Mountains to Ride

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Jeremy Jones
Credit: NPS

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Jeremy Jones has snowboarded worldwide, from monster Himalayan spines to Alaska, the Arctic, and Antarctica. So when he revealed his favorite places to ride on an episode of the SnowBrains podcast, we thought we’d share them with you.

These are Jeremy Jones’ favorite mountain ranges to ride:

The mountains of Alaska

“I’ve shaped much of my life around Alaska and being in Alaska each spring for 6-8 weeks, so I love that. Glacier Bay National Park specifically, that is what I would consider the spine capital of the world and I am obsessed with spines. But all of Alaska is incredible…”

Jeremy Jones, glacier bay national park, Alaska,
Spines for days in Glacier Bay National Park, AK. Credit: NPS

Sierra Nevada, California

“I definitely love the Sierra. You give me the High Sierra with good snow to the valley floor, and just the magnitude and the size of it, and the fact that I get to still walk in to huge chunks of terrain for the first time. I’ve literally at this point put in millions of steps into that range. It’s been cool to really try to explore a range one step at a time, compared to how I’ve done it in say Alaska.”

high Sierra, california,
High Sierra of California. Credit: Frontier Precision

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