Johnny Collinson’s Season Edit: Bolivia, India, B.C., Alaska

Miles Clark |

Johnny Collinson is a buddy of ours.  Yes, he looks like a girl – and never more than in the beginning of this video.  Yes, he wears feathers in his hair.  But there’s no denying the kid can ski.

You might notice that this video mostly shows Johnny in gnarly mountain terrain such as:  Denali National Park, Bolivia, and India.  Johnny is a mountaineer.  No, like a real one.  Johnny had climbed all Earth’s “Seven Summits” before the age of 17.  Not bad.

This edit show’s Johnny’s wide range of mountain skills.  The kid isn’t afraid of high elevations nor marginal conditions;  he’ll still charge.  You can really tell how light he is in this video.  The guy weights 120lbs soaking wet.  Check out how fast he can transition from turn to turn.  A unique skier and a guy who will be in the limelight for a long time.  Nice one, Johnny.

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