Join the Insta360 #NoDroneNoProblem Challenge for Your Chance to Win $500

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For inspiration, check out some of the incredible shots people have shared on their Instagram accounts. | Picture: User Matteo @mattew_mc on Instagram

Insta360 is holding its #NoDroneNoProblem challenge, and you can join every week for a fresh chance to win $500.

Drone shots are awesome. Want to know something else awesome? The chance to win $500 every week in the #NoDroneNoProblem Awards! While not everyone can be an expert drone pilot, everyone can shoot epic fake drone shots. All you need is a 360-capable Insta360 camera and an Invisible Selfie Stick. And that means everyone has a chance to win some cold hard cash every single week!

How to enter the challenge:

  1. Take a fake drone video with your Insta360 camera & Invisible Selfie Stick

  2.  Share your shots on socials with the hashtags #Insta360 and #NoDroneNoProblem

  3. Follow @insta360_official (TikTok) or @insta360 (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)

…and that’s all!

Insta360 will watch their social media feeds and select one clip each week to win $500.

For tips and tricks, follow the blog on the Insta360 website and check out their socials for some inspiration.

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