Julia Mancuso Surfs Sochi After Winning Bronze Medal

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Julia Mancuso selfie from surfing Sochi.
Julia Mancuso selfie from surfing Sochi.

Squaw Valley’s Julia Mancuso, the most decorated female Winter Olympian in history, went surfing in Sochi, Russia last week.  Julia is a surfer, has a house in Maui, and got invited to surf with Sal Masakela on her last day in Sochi, Russia’s Black Sea.  Cool.


“It was cold, but it wasn’t bad. I didn’t have a hoodie [an insulated neoprene hood] on, so I only lasted about 45 minutes. I caught four amazing waves. There were some big sets. Most of the waves were shoulder high.  I caught some incredible waves all the way to the shore, so I was pretty stoked. We surfed up a storm, literally. There was a storm passing through and it died out in about two hours, and the waves were gone after that. We hit it perfect.”  – People Magazine

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That was pretty cool, in the Black Sea. I never thought I would do that.  It was a little cold but it was pretty awesome.” – Julia on the Today Show on Wednesday.

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“There are real waves in Sochi.” – Julia on NBC

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“I never thought I’d be surfing in Russia.” – Julia – People Magazine

Julia Mancuso doing underwater sprints with a rock in Hawaii.


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