VIDEO: July Powder Day as Summer Storm Dumps on the Alps

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Summer storms have brought surprise powder days to the Alps this week. The video above from Zermatt, Switzerland, and below, from Italy, show what looks like January, not July!

Zermatt is one of a number of glacial ski areas open across Europe, and is currently reporting a 114″ base.

What we wouldn’t do for some of that cold, white, powder right about now…




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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: July Powder Day as Summer Storm Dumps on the Alps

  1. Proof skiing is better in Europe. PS you could do this is in California if you had better access laws and better roads.

    1. Stupid Sierra Club keeps glaciers and summer snowstorms out of the U.S.! I’m gonna go piss on John Muir’s grave.

      1. If they truly cared about glaciers they would be putting their crampons into China / India and trying to curtail their CO2 emissions. Not a concern of the western world and enviro’s for some reason. Thank goodness we have Tesla and Elon Musk on the march. Its going to be OK bro.

        Open up access. The mountains are not a sacred cow.

        1. I think your problem as that you can never focus on one issue or article at a time, everything unravels into being some environmentalist boogeyman to you. This article is about it snowing in Europe, and you leap from it being a regulation problem in CA that it’s not snowing there, to China and India not pulling their load, to Tesla (?????) saving the world? Chill bro, you dont know everything.

          1. Its a complicated problem W.

            My point is all the Sierra Club enviro stuff will be wasted efforts if China and India are allowed to continue with their current trajectory. China is now officially a bigger carbon producer then us and growing every day.

            At the same time we try to head towards a Carbon Neutral footprint here in the US we need to make sure we don’t injure and destroy our economy in the process. If we destroy our economy in the process we won’t have any mechanism to help enforce and pressure countries like China and India to get their act together.

            PS Sierra Club is already an international organizations with a presence worldwide. There is absolutely no reason they couldn’t be working in China. Spending their money on combating carbon emissions from China is going to do way more for the planet than closing more terrain to make protected wilderness areas.

            I hate to be mean to you but apparently you are another victim of America’s failing public education system. I feel sad for you. Please read more. Throw away your liberal arts degree. Brains are neuroplastic. If you try hard enough eventually one day you will be informed enough to understand complex problems.

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