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Ever wanted a beer in the backcountry?  A brew when mountaineering?  An fresh ale while backpacking?  Sure you could bring an actual, heavy 12-ounce actual beer or ten.

Or you could bring along a dehydrated packet of Pat’s Backcountry Beer, just add water, and brew it in the “carbonator” water bottle.  Boom, you’ve got fresh beer in the backcountry.


It seems like this should have happened a long time ago…

Pat's Backcountry Beer
Pat’s Backcountry Beer packets.



“Unlike other concentrate processes, this is not just about making the beer and then “removing” the water afterwards (which is extremely energy inefficient). Instead, our process allows us to start with almost no water, and carefully control the environment of the fermentation. The result… concentrated beer with all the same great taste you’re used to in a premium micro brew. All you do is add water, carbonate, and enjoy.”Pat’s Backcountry Beer

What you need is a dehydrated Pat’s beer packet, water, and one of Pat’s carbonator water bottles.  You put the water and dehydrated beer in the carbonator, and you’ve got fresh beer.  Each packet makes one 16 ounce beer.

The Carbonator
The Carbonator

The only catch right now is that the beer isn’t quite available just yet.  You can buy the carbonator for $30 online and many other beverages (root beer, ginger ale, etc) but the beer hasn’t yet been released.  As soon as these dehydrated beer packets are available, we’ll letcha know.

video showing how Pat’s carbonator works


The owner of Pat’s Backcountry Beverages, Patrick Tatera, is from Talkeetna, Alaska and came up with the idea of a dehydrated beer in 1997.  It then took him 10 years to work out just the right formula and come up with a dehydrated beer system that works.

We’re pretty fired up about this and are going to make sure to give it a try as soon as they are available.  Seems pretty sweet to be able to make fresh microbrew beer in the middle of nowhere without having to carry all the weight.  Hopefully it’s good.





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