Kelly Slater Drops 4 Badass Edits of His Unbelievable Artificial Wave in California

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Kelly Slater has made an unbelievable artificial wave pool in the Central Valley of California.

For 10 years, Kelly has been working with a team including an aerospace engineer from USC to build this badass wave.  They’ve been competing against other teams working on artificial waves in Spain, Germany, Australia, and San Diego.

This wave is 110 miles from the ocean in Lemoore, California.

Is artificial wave surfing going to ruin surfing or make it better?

“We might have an Olympic champion surfer who has never duck-dived under a wave, never jumped off a jetty, never put on a leash, never been scared out of their wits.  I find that future thoroughly disheartening. It’s not real surfing.” – Longtime Surfer Magazine Editor-in-Chief Steve Hawk told the LA Times about the possible inclusion of surfing in the 2020 Olympics


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