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Kelly Slater, Instagram, 10/26/17

Kelly Slater released a statement on Instagram announcing approval of his new project, a wave pool for Florida much like his wave pool in California. 

“Well…it’s official…we have a building permit in Palm Beach County for #SurfRanchFlorida. I’m beyond proud and stoked to see the first of our developments at @kswaveco going to my home state of #Florida. Thank you to Mayor Burdick and the city commissioners for your approval and support of the project. Also thank you to #JupiterFarms for your comments and support. Looking forward to being neighbors. I keep joking about it but it might be true that now I can move back home now and surf as much as I want! Cannot wait to see a bunch more stoked people riding waves. This is gonna be fun.” – Kelly Slater, 10/26/17

There is currently no information on when the project will break ground or when the surf ranch will open.

Surf Ranch Florida comes 2 years after the insanely jaw dropping California Surf Ranch. Pro surfers from all over the world have come to experience the perfection that the Kelly Slater Wave Co. has to offer.

The California Surf Ranch is 100% Solar powered. The man-made wave offers surfers the chance to hone their skills in a controlled environment, the wave is perfectly designed and the pros riding it have had very positive reviews so far.

Bethany Hamilton is seen here working on her backside style, with only one arm she does not have the ability to grab rail on right breaking waves and loved the chance to practice and learn new skills to develop her surfing.

Pro Surfer private sessions and the recent secret competition held in mid November showed the world a new side to surfing. 

A bit of back story from the Orange County Register:

“Slater had proposed a wavepool for Florida in the past, which included stipulations for “competition purposes” and “specialty events.” And after the recent success of the “Future Classic” trial-run at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California, this could be a sign of coming WSL-sanctioned wavepool competitions – be it, CT-level or stand-alone specialty events. The KS Wave Co. also proposed a wavepool for San Diego, but that proposition eventually fell through.”

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