Kicking Horse, B.C. Conditions Report: Denim Duane Finds The Pow

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Denim Duane finds pow. image: snowbrains

Kicking Horse ski resort in British Columbia, Canada has been going off ever since I arrived here in mid-January.

My buddy Duane decided to come up and visit for a week to harvest some of the seemingly non-stop snowfall here.

He arrived last night in Calgary by plane – with no ski bag…  He’s still missing skis, poles, ski jacket, ski pants.

This morning we were on a mission to temporarily replace his missing wares.

Denim Duane. image: snowbrains

Luckily, after 5 minutes of rummaging through the Golden Consignment store this morning we found him an amazing full denim coverall onsie jumpsuit unitard fartbag for only $25CAN.

We tried it on, laughed like hell, bought it and charged up to the hill.

Duane in a fun chute in Feuz Bowl. image: snowbrains

Patrick at Selkirk ski shop up at Kicking Horse rented Duane some solid Blizzard Cochise skis and we were off and running.

We charged straight up and skied from the Gondola down CPR ridge to the Stairway to Heaven chair then down the north side of that ridge down a sneaky, cool chute and back to the Gondola.

Miles in surprise pow. image: snowbrains

Back up the gondy.  Hiked up T1.  Completely untracked powder on the south side of T1.  Amazing skiing…

Back up gondy, hiked up T1, another great south side of T1 powder run but with challenging visibility.

Denim Duane hiking T1. image: snowbrains

Then a CPR ridge to chairlift to the base and it was 3pm and we called it a day.

Another impressive Kicking Horse powder day in the books.

The weather was snowy with light winds and low visibility all day and it got stormier as they day went on.

Tomorrow should be good.


image: kicking horse, today


Kicking Horse forecast. image:, today


Joe Schmoe. image: snowbrains
Happy boys. image: snowbrains
Denim Duane. Powder. image: snowbrains
Miles on the edge in Feuz Bowl. image: snowbrains
Chute Denim Duane. image: snowbrains
Weather rolled in the afternoon. image: snowbrains
Denim Duane in the good stuff. image: snowbrains
Duane in the smoke in Feuz Bowl. image: snowbrains
Steven Funfer! image: snowbrains

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