Kicking Horse, BC Conditions Report: Faceshots and Cliff Hucks

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Miles sending a cliff off T1 yesterday. image: Andrew Chad

All images via Andrew Chad – all taken on January 25th, 2018

Yesterday was a banner day at Kicking Horse ski resort in British Columbia, Canada.

Deep snow on the southern aspects, untracked snow everywhere, very few people out, good visibility (for the most part), and a horrible amount of faceshots…

Todd exploding a pillow yesterday. image: Andrew Chad

We started the day skiing northern aspects and they were good.

Then we switched to southern aspect due to the wind direction having had blown snow onto southern aspects (thanks for this advice, Todd) and the skiing was excellent.

Miles popping mini pillows. image: Andrew Chad

Deep snow, faceshots, bottomless.

After two terrific funs under the gondola, they opened Terminator 1 and we charged up in the first group and were rewarded with fresh lines, fresh landings, and even more intense faceshots.

Miles in the tree fun. image: Andrew Chad

The lower trees below T1 were very deep, pillowy, mossy, and yes, faceshoty.  Felt like I was in BC…

We did another T1, hucked more cliffs, got more faceshots, skied more BC-ey trees, laughed a lot, clicked poles a lot, smiled a lot, and called it a day.

Miles about to launch to flat. image: Andrew Chad

We skied 9am-3pm and had an absolute ball with nearly no one out.

Forecast looks good!

Special Thanks to Andrew Chad for the amazing photos and patience and to Todd Mansfield for the excellent guiding.


Image: kicking horse, today


Forecast for Kicking Horse BC. image:, today



Miles’ very first run of the day taught him that this is no maritime snowpack. Air straight to rocks and big tumble! image: Andrew Chad
Todd in some real terrain off T1 yesterday. image: Andrew Chad
Hippie pow! Miles. image: Andrew Chad
The big man in deep (Todd). image: Andrew Chad
Miles getting smokey yesterday. image: Andrew Chad
Todd Mansfield digging in. image: Andrew Chad
Small skier, big mountains. Miles. image: Andrew Chad
Miles pow slash. image: Andrew Chad

Miles about to launch to flat. image: Andrew Chad
Miles leaning for it… image: Andrew Chad
Good terrain. Miles. image: Andrew Chad
Clean and simple. Miles. image: Andrew Chad
Todd Mansfield about to huck his meat. image: Andrew Chad
Why so serious? Miles yesterday. image: Andrew Chad

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