Kicking Horse, BC is Going Off Right Now, 60cms of Snow Forecast This Week, & The Freeride World Tour Here Next Week

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Some of the intense terrain off Terminator One on Jan 19th, 2018. image: snowbrains

Kicking Horse ski resort in British Columbia, Canada has been going off for the past week straight.

We got about 18″ (45cms) of snow up here last Wednesday/Thursday which made Thursday wintery and wild and made Friday a sunny powder paradise – especially up on Terminator One.

Lynn with a face-full on Jan 18th, 2018. image: snowbrains

We then got Terminator Two in epic conditions on Friday and it’s been snowing a little each day ever since.

Each day it snows just enough to freshen things up and make the skiing smokey and dreamy all over.

This place is huge and no one skis here which keeps it even fresher than it should be…

Todd Mansfield at Kicking Horse, BC yesterday. image: snowbrains

Yesterday was another fun little powder day with no one out.

The lift access backcountry has been terrific all week, but you need to keep it mellow as avalanche conditions have been Considerable to High.

Next Week, on February 3rd, the Freeride World Tour comes to town and brings some of the best freeriders on the planet with it.

Kyle Peterson, perfect form, and great snow on the apron below the 2nd chute of the day on January 16th, 2018. image: snowbrains

The Freeride World Tour is lining up perfectly with the best conditions of the season thus far up here.

These gals and guys are going to be throwing down some big lines around here and are sure to blow minds as they huck for the buck.

Kicking Horse today. photo: Drew Wittstock

I can’t wait to check out the Freeride World Tour live at Kicking Horse next week and see which venue they end up choosing.  The few that are being considered are all simply stunning.

The forecast for Kicking Horse is outstanding right now with 60cms (24″) forecast to fall between now and Saturday.

Bring it.

image: kicking horse


image: kicking horse


Kicking Horse forecast. image:
A circumzenithal arc, a supralateral arc, a Parry arc, a upper tangent arc, and a 22° halo at Kicking Horse on December 16th, 2017. image: snowbrains

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