Killington Resort, VT Begins Construction of New K-1 Lodge

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Killington Resort New Lodge
Graphic Mock-up of the New and Improved K-1 Lodge: image:

Killington Resort is beginning construction of its new K-1 lodge. Construction was initially scheduled to start in March 2020. However, plans were deferred after COVID19 hit following the state of Vermont’s stay-at-home orders. 

Now construction will begin with the demolition of the current lodge. While changes to the lodge are being made, additional parking bays will also be added. A bus zone and temporary skier drop-off will also be added next to the new lodge. 

The new and improved K-1 lodge will be double the size of the current one. A whopping 58,000 square feet will provide plenty of space for guests. At three stories tall, the lodge will be home to many amenities on each floor. 

On the first floor, the retail ski shop and rental shop will be located where it’s easily accessible. Guest services and tickets will be sold here as well. 

The second floor will feature an improved cafeteria and lunchroom. The food served will also undergo a massive upgrade in regards to quality. The resort plans on providing a fresh “farm-to-table” style cuisine. The perfect place to stop for a “mid-pres.” 

The plans focus on multiple upgrades to on-mountain dining experiences. The third floor will have a full bar and numerous food options. Similar to the Resort’s Peak Lodge. In addition, floor-to-ceiling windows will allow for unobstructed 180-degree views. An open concept designed dining room featuring mixed seating options looking over the second level will provide guests a comfortable way to enjoy views of Killington Basin and Superstar. 

The resort plans to introduce guests to the new lodge by next season (2022-2023). As the most significant investment the resort has made to its infrastructure, the goal is for it to last for many years and bring enjoyment to all.  

“These upgrades set the tone for future generations to enjoy Killington resort. Killington is undeniably the Northeast’s resort for year-round adventure” according to the Resort’s website

Killington Resort Lodge
Killington Resort’s Current K-1 Lodge; image:

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