[VIDEO] Killington Resort, VT, Brings an End to Latest Season in 25-Years

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Staying true to its word, Killington Resort, VT, opened on Saturday for skiers and riders to make some June turns. The longest season in the east celebrated its latest closing day since 1997.

Due to rapidly melting snow, Killington limited opening hours, spinning the Superstar from 9 am to 12 pm instead of 5 pm. As you can see from the video above, conditions were a little ‘sketchy. But totally worth it.

On Friday the resort warned that closing day “won’t be an experience for everyone, with walking required down Superstar Headwall, between patches, and both onto and off of the lift, which will require skill navigating steep, rocky patches with gear in hand.” The day will not be for the faint of heart, Killington saying “with how little snow remains though, we will not be able to groom, so conditions will be ‘As Is.’”

Saturday was the 192nd day of operation at the ‘Beast of the East.’ The resort has seen 216″ of fresh snow this season. The Bike Park opened Saturday, May 28.

killington, trail map
Killington Resort 21/22 trail map.

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