Killington Vermont Fires Up the Snowguns Today & Yesterday

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This mornings low temperatures at Killington, Vermont prompted their snowmaking team to get out and begin testing their system across North Ridge. This was their first attempt at snowmaking for the season and as shown in their video, it went pretty well!

I can't wait to get me some of that!
Snowguns blasting hard to paste some white across the forests of autumn colors at dawn. Source; Killingtons Facebook Page (Killington Resort)

The weather window was pretty short, it only allowed for a brief period of snowmaking at daybreak, but the outlook for tomorrow and towards the weekend are looking prime for more system testing. With overnight being clear and lows hitting the low thirties, it will be a perfect snowmaking opportunity.

Beautiful Fall weather
This weeks weather outlook should bring fair conditions to continue snowmaking system testing at Killington, VT. Source; (Killington, VT)

Killington has not announced an opening day at this point, but with the Audi FIS World Cup on November 26-27 they must plan to open for skiing and riding prior to or at the time of the event.

Too bad the bike season is coming to an end... not!
For such a short window they sure did a good job of blanketing some ground in snow. Source; Killington Facebook Page (Killington Resort)
Getting there
A light smearing of snow from this mornings system test. Source; Killington Resort Facebook Page (Killington Resort)

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