Killington, VT was open 200 Days This Season! | November → June

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Killington, VT on March 12th, 2017. photo: killington

Killington is the Beast of the East.  They proved it this year by being open 200 days.  Opened in November and stayed open until June.  Badass.  The east coast’s longest season, by far.  They saw 252″ of natural snowfall this year.

Congrats, Killington!

Killington, VT on March 15th, 2017. photo: killington

“4:14 pm 06/04/17–We made it skiers and riders, we skied in June. Thanks to everyone who came out to ski on June 1, the last day of the longest season in the East!

Operating day: 200″ Killington, yesterday

Killington on May 27th, 2017. photo: killington


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    1. They opened in October this past season on the 29th with 16 inches of new snow at the top…

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