Killington, VT, Weekend Report: Quiet and Cloudy, At Least One More Weekend Left

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Killington Resort, VT. Photo: Snowbrains

Report from May 20th and 21st, 2023

This weekend was very chill for May at Killington, VT. In two different ways. It was physically colder than normal (55 degrees and cloudy, instead of 65-75 and sunny which is standard). It also was just less busy than last weekend. I suspect a lot of people looked at the forecast and decided to skip this one.

That doesn’t mean the skiing was bad though. The snow was exactly what you get every weekend here, soft warm bumps, getting slushier as the day goes on. They groomed one side of the trail overnight but by the time I got to the mountain (11 am), it was noticeable, but still mostly bumped out. This skiing is a lot of fun, better than many icy midwinter days. And while there weren’t a thousand people there, I’d estimate at least a few hundred still did show up. The atmosphere wasn’t as good as it would be on a sunny day, but it was still cheerful. A decent layer of fog started to develop around 2 pm near the top, and with precipitation in the forecast, we decided it was time to head home.

Photo: Snowbrains

We woke up a little earlier on Sunday and got to the mountain around 10 am. Immediately it was hard not to notice that the sky was a bit bluer, everything was a little brighter, and it seemed that a few more people had shown up. It was a few degrees cooler than Saturday but we didn’t care, seeing the sky counts for a lot.

There’s still a lot of snow on most of the trail but sections are starting to go. Most notably, the bottom section had some exposed dirt. The flat middle section was also thinning on the right side. The surface conditions were exactly the same as Saturday: soft and forgiving bumps. Since we arrived early, the groomed side of the run was much less bumped out than on Saturday, so we got a bunch of easy laps in before lunch. There’s a lot of snow up top for them to push down so I don’t think they’ll have problems on Memorial Day Weekend, but I’m curious to see how (or if) they plan on making it into June this year. Either way, next weekend is forecast to be warm and sunny, and should be a blast.

Superstar on May 23rd (Photo: Killington Resort)

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