Kirkwood, CA Conditions Report: Epic Awesomeness

Bevan Waite |

It has been snowing at Kirkwood consistently since Thursday.  A few inches here, a few inches there.. its adding up to some awesome days at the mountain.  I arrived at 8am Saturday and got in line expecting the line to explode with people yearning for first tracks.  Surprisingly, not many people showed up before the lifts opened.  In fact not many people showed up at all on SATURDAY (Sunday was the same…).  The place was empty.  I barely waited in any line the whole day.



The low crowd combined with 7 inches of fresh over night made fore one hell of an awesome day… and weekend.  I skied 7 runs in the morning that were basically disturbed and when things got a bit skied out, the resort opened the Wall… And Eagle Bowl… And then the backside.  It was a perfect progression of opening terrain so that you could ski POW all day long.


The storms that rolled through last weekend paired with the current storms moving through Tahoe are really starting to fill things in.  Lines are opening up that werent possible last week.  If this keeps up we’ll be skiing on a solid base of snow by mid January; rocks will not be a problem anymore.


Speaking of rocks… There are still a number of places that are essentially mine fields of tiny sharp black volcanic daggers protruding from the snow.  It’s a bit risky at times, but avoidable and well worth the turns.  IMG_7222

All things considered, if you haven’t been to kirkwood yet and you want to ski some powder, go.  If you want to huck some cliffs, go.  If you want to ski chutes, go.  If you want to have an awesome time… go.  Actually, what am I saying.  The skiing sucks here, don’t ever come! 😉2




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