Kirkwood Ca, Report: All-time Springtime

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All-time Springtime Image: Adrian Dolatschko

Report from March 29th, 2019

Fresh snow, spring weather on a bluebird day, and exceptional snow coverage made for a perfect combination.

Spring Has Arrived Image: Adrian Dolatschko

The day began with fast fresh powder over a compact snowpack. 

On my second run I tried an alternate entrance into the classic chute, Once is Enough. I found out that certain areas of the mountain featured very different conditions. 

Airing into Once is Enough Skier/Image: Adrian Dolatschko

When Powder was found, it was incredible. The perfect combination of soft snow and resistance to cut speed allowed me to hit some larger features. However, as the snow warmed up it started to become a bit sticky.

Shadow Flight Skier/Image: Adrian Dolatschko

As the sun rose higher in the sky and the snow got softer I met up with some friends on the mountain and the spring session really got started.

Dropping into Ski School Skier/Image: Adrian Dolatschko

Overall Kirkwood was amazing for the end of March. The spring snowpack is deep, the mountain is filled in incredibly, and you can feel the good vibes on the mountain.

Snow Numbers:

Image: Kirkwood


Noaa Predicts:

  • Several Inches of Fresh Snow
  • Warming Temperatures
Image: Noaa


Kirkwood Frontside Looking Good Image: Adrian Dolatschko
Kirkwood Sidecountry Image: Adrian Dolatschko

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