Kirkwood FWQ 4* Wrap Up: Hucking the Cirque, Photo Tour, & Results

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Sending the stair stepper at the bottom of the Cirque

Today marked the end of the FWQ competition season with the second day of 4* competition and the competitors did not disappoint.  Highlights were Ross Tester with one of the biggest 360’s we’ve ever seen, Tyler Curle spinning where few dared to ski, and Ryan Faye flipping where we’re going to say no one has ever flipped before.

Getting tricky in the middle of the gnar

Due to the lack of snow in Crested Butte they decided to split Kirkwood into two separate events, 4A and 4B with 4A featuring the athletes who signed up for Kirkwood and skiing on the lookers left of the Cirque and 4B featuring riders who signed up for Crested Butte (as well as a few special invites).

Results from FWQ 4A

Ski Women:

  1. Kele Thorsen
  2. Sopia Schwartz
  3. Lauren Cameron

Ski Men:

  1. Tom Peiffer
  2. Martin Labuda
  3. Andrew Rumph

Results from FWQ 4B

Ski Men

  1. Nigel Ziegler
  2. Isaac Freeland
  3. Liam Peiffer

Ski Women

  1. Lauren Cameron
  2. Savannah Amos
  3. Megan Platt
Riders checking out the venue from the top of the Cirque at Kirkwood

When the final standings were announced for the North American Freeride Qualifier Tour, it was quite the family affair.  Tom & Liam Peiffer took first and third, respectively, and Andrew Pollard finished in second while his sister Jacqueline finished first for the ladies.  We would like to give a huge congratulations and say best of luck on the FWT next year to these extremely talented athletes!

Already winning 3 of the 4* stops & qualifying for the tour, Tom Peiffier enjoys a well deserved beer

It had been 7 years since competitors were able to descend the cirque, but the new wave of freeriding stepped up to the plate and put on an amazing show.  Congratulations to all the athletes and especially to Kirkwood for putting on such a fun event!

Photo Tour

Early morning walks to the top of the Cirque
Athletes working their way through inspection for the North American Freeskiing Championships
Eric Lee O’Brien slashing a turn on top of the Cirque
The man, Jason Dobbs, coming into the finish corral after showing all the young guns how its done (unfortunately his line wasn’t scored but we’d give him an 8th!)
In the midst of a heavy double at Kirkwood
Sending the field goal at the bottom of the Cirque
Another send in the middle of the Cirque
Trevor Simmons hucking a rather large backflip in the Cirque
Picking their way down the stair stepper in the Cirque
Searching for tranny amidst the flats at Kirkwood
The flying Frenchmen sending it off Kodak cliff
Ryan Faye taking flight off the egg at Kirkwood
Straightening it out in the middle of the Cirque
Looking up at the FWQ 4* day 2 venue

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