Lake Tahoe Backcountry Report: Powder Slashing on Mt. Rose

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The past week or two has been good up in Tahoe.  Well, to be clear, it’s been good up on Mt. Rose on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.  It’s been good on Rose because you can park your car above 8,000-feet (right about the snow level for the past two storms) and hike up from there into a true winter wonderland.

It didn’t much like a wilderness up there because of all the people.  But who can blame them.  Rose was the only game in town the past two weeks.

How was it up on Rose?  The video should answer that questions proficiently, but if need to know:  it was damn good.  Dense, light, dry powder and enough of it to keep you off the rocks.  About 3 feet of snow is up on Rose right now and the current storm will add to that.

Thanks to JonBob productions for this horribly accurate video of how it’s been up on Rose this month.

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