Lake Tahoe, CA Backcountry Report: Blower California Powder, Pillows, & Fun

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Report from February 27, 2023

We got up early today and hit the road by 7am.

The monster storm was late…

Palisades Tahoe had gotten 8″ of snow and 12″ of wind so we decided we’d go backcountry ski a lap in pure powder then hit some KT-22 laps in the afternoon (see below).

The skin track was in when we arrived, which was lovely.

We zipped up quick as the storm started to materialize.

By the time we hit the top, the wind was out of control.

Fox up. image: snowbrains

It was time to get out of there.

We dropped into dry, wind-blown snow that was just about the right depth:  12-18″ deep.

Pillows, wind spines, rollers, miniature avalanches.

Windy. image: snowbrains

Good clean fun.

We were stoked at the bottom and ready for more.

But that wind…

We decided to call it.

To head home, have lunch, then hit Palisades Tahoe for some afternoon delight.


image: sierra avalanche center, 2/27/23


image: noaa, 2/27/23


Sad about the Tahoe stop signs… Someone should set up a gofundme page… image: snowbrains
Cracked. image: snowbrains
Cracked. image: snowbrains
Moss. image: snowbrains
Fox in the wind. image: snowbrains
Das boot. image: snowbrains
Fox. image: snowbrains

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