Lake Tahoe, CA Report: High Alpine Skiing Above Lake Tahoe w/ Ravishing Views

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Report from December 16, 2022

On day 4 of our wild 4-day Tahoe backcountry rally, we went for the high alpine.

The Sierra Avalanche Center dropped the danger to “Low” at all elevations so we felt it appropriate to get high.

The zone we skied felt like the Tetons…

Big, airy lines with all kinds of scary options.

We chose mellower zones that held good snow and low consequences.

Those decisions paid off and the skiing was fantastic.

Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains

The 1st zone was smooth, sluffy, recrystalized powder.

The 2nd zone was a fun, high speed chute to gorgeous apron.

The 3rd zone was full on sparkle pow!

Matty slash. image: snowbrains

You can’t really see it in the video, but in real life, the snow was sparkling like all get out due to the 3cm surface hoar slathered all over everything.

The snow was exceptional top to bottom.

Back at the car, I was stoked to have survived these 4 big days in a row plus an 8-hour drive from Park City, UT.

Smooth lines. image: snowbrains

My gamble to drop everything and ripping across the desert to Tahoe had paid off.

Thanks, Tahoe and thanks to my indomitable partners Garret & Matty.



Garrett dropping. image: snowbrains
Garrett ripping. image: snowbrains
Garrett smoking. image: snowbrains
Garrett exiting. image: snowbrains
Miles in the high alpine. image: snowbrains
Starting early. image: snowbrains
Alpine. image: snowbrains
Smooth lines. image: snowbrains
Matty. image: snowbrains
Tahoe. image: snowbrains
Tetons? image: snowbrains
Miles in the sparkle pow. image: snowbrains
Big surface hoar. image: snowbrains
Garrett inspecting his handy work. image: snowbrains

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  1. No way cannot believe you didnt ride the B2B gondola at Palisades Tahoe y’all been hyping. Seriously just bad juju

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