Lake Tahoe, CA Report: Ridiculous Views Skiing Over Hissing 3cm Surface Hoar in Perfect Powder

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Report from December 15, 2022

We decided to go for a new zone in Lake Tahoe on Thursday.

The key right now is north faces.

North faces still have amazing powder leftover from last week’s storm.

All other aspects are suspect…

We went for a long walk to try a couple of laps in a zone we’d never been to before.

Steep, pillowy terrain then a long rippable slope down to a cliff/lake ending.

Fox in deep. image: snowbrains

Basically, a 4 run day.

The first run was steep with pillows and fantastic snow.

The surface hoar is about 3cm tall in this zone right now and it makes a terrific hissing noise when you ski it.

Big surface hoar. image: snowbrains

Have a listen in the videos above 🙂

The 2nd run was an absolute hoot on a wide-open rippable face with occasional pillow poppers and rocks to drop.

Back up to the top via a very steep, tricky skin track (thanks, Garrett & Matty).

Dirty icicles. image: snowbrains

Run number 3 was in a different zone but with the same steep, pillowy goodness.

Run number 4 was on that wide-open slope again and we just couldn’t get over how good that snow was!

From there we headed home with happy memories and full hearts.

Thanks to Garret, Matty, and Fox for being great backcountry partners out there.



Sunrise over Lake Tahoe, CA. image: snowbrains
Miles likes it. image: snowbrains
Foxy. image: snowbrains
Garrett knows. image: snowbrains
Straight up. image: snowbrains
Vistas. image: snowbrains
Miles pillow popping in Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains
Vistas. image: snowbrains
Squares. image: snowbrains
Miles ripping down in Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains
Garrett paddling out. image: snowbrains
Garrett and boulder. image: snowbrains
Glacial erratic. image: snowbrains
Vista. image: snowbrains
Icicle. image: snowbrains
Sprawled out! image: snowbrains
Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains

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