Lake Tahoe, CA Report: Skiing Above Lake Tahoe | 2,500-Vertical-Feet of “Holy Sh*t This Is Cool!”

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Report from February 25, 2023

Today was one of those bizarre happenchance days where you roll the dice and hope it comes up a 7.

We woke up early, got on the road and hit dead-stopped traffic.

The World Cup at Palisades Tahoe jammed up the roads everywhere.

Art. image: snowbrains

We called an audible, threw an aggressive U-turn and somehow hit more traffic…

Eventually, the traffic petered out and we were free.

Up we climbed.

Tips and lake? image: snowbrains

Up above Lake Tahoe and into a cloud.

Putting in the skin track was a chore through thicket, brush, and mossy twig.

Up higher the skinning came easier and the views vanished in a foggy shroud.

Fox and friends. image: snowbrains

The view from the top of this peak can be breathtaking.

Today it consisted of icy barnacles and jagged rocks in blowing mist.

We lingered not.

Above the lake. image: snowbrains

We dropped down, dug pits, felt slab, and moved to less consequential terrain.

On the 2nd slope we tested, things felt better.

Broken terrain, less steep, more familiar, less consequence.

Moss. image: snowbrains

As we geared up, the lake came into view…

More visibility made everything feel less scary.

Drop in.

Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains

Left turn.

Right turn.

Not the best snow, but not horrible either.

Artzy fartzy. image: snowbrains

Sketchy windboard quickly turned to predictable cream cheese

The snow was a workout.

Grunting for every turn, but it was soft and it was fresh.

Towards the bottom, it became a sticky mank that demanded  100% effort and the flexing of every muscle in your core.

Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains

Obstacles abounded down low…

Rock, stump, bush, stab-you-stick.

At the lakeshore, we were all smiles.

Happy Miles. image: snowbrains

The audible worked.

Traffic and frustration averted.

Good times, new lines, and “pow” acquired 🙂

Apres burritos.

Thanks, Tahoe.


image: sierra avalanche center, 2/25/23


image: noaa, 2/25/23


Peter, Ben, Fox. image: snowbrains
Fox. image: snowbrains
Rocks. image: snowbrains
Rime rocks. image: snowbrains
Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains
Miles above the lake. image: snowbrains
Miles skiing above Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains
Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains
Apres ski burritos. image: snowbrains
Apres tea. image: snowbrains


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