Lake Tahoe’s 575lb “Brutus The Bear” Killed, Raises Questions About How He Was Hunted

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The death of a 19-year-old black bear in Douglas County, Nevada (South Lake Tahoe region) has become subject to much controversy regarding the way it was killed.

“Brutus the Bear” was killed this week during a Nevada black bear hunt, according to

According to Ashley Sanchez from the Nevada Department of Wildlife, this bear was legally harvested.

“The bear population was robust enough to allow sportsmen the opportunity to hunt bears and that was decided back in 2011,” said Sanchez.

Hunting black bears in Nevada
90 bears have been harvested as of Sept. 14 out of the 1,700 allowed in Nevada. Credit: SNS Outfitter & Guides

However, the way that Brutus was killed has raised many questions and led wildlife organizations like to call for action.

Ann Bryant, the co-chairwoman of, is not in support of Brutus’ death and has called the hunt “unfair.” Bryant said:

“At the very least take the hounding off the table. That makes it very unfair to the bear and bringing in guides from other states to chase them down with hounds. Everything they do is very high tech and that’s not in most hunters mind and certainly in ours as not a fair hunt.”

Many stand alongside Bryant who claims that Brutus’ death was unjust, although shot and killed in legal abidance to Nevada State hunting law.  However, both the Nevada Department of Wildlife and do agree on one thing: listening to the public and ensuring that their concerns are heard, especially when it comes to animals. reports that Brutus was hunted using a pack of hounds.

“South Shore’s iconic BRUTUS was killed Oct. 5 in the NV Black Bear Trophy Hunt. Brutus was 19 years old. Brutus disappeared from South Shore around 2014, where he was annually the local’s choice for bear “most ready for hibernation.” Brutus knew all the good bakeries and restaurants. There was concern when he was not seen that he had later died from being hit by a car. His mortality report shows that he did, in fact, have a broken back left leg that had totally mended. What Brutus actually did upon leaving South Shore was head to Topaz, where in 2015 NV Dept of Wildlife trapped him from under a deck and relocated him to Genoa Peak. Brutus weighed 575 lbs at the time and was tagged B48. When the news of Brutus’ reemergence in NV became known, a “Bring Brutus Home” campaign began on social media, his California fans well knowing the fate of bears in NV. Brutus was killed in NV. this month. He was hunted using professional guides with packs of hounds, a practice that is outlawed in CA and many other states for being unnecessarily cruel, but still allowed in NV. Please speak up for Brutus by calling NV Governor Sisolak at (775) 684-5670 asking him to end the hunt. Governor Sisolak appoints those who are responsible for approving the hunting of bears for sport.” –

Black bears with cubs
Stock image of black bears.Credit: USA Today


The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is a medium-sized bear native to North America. It is the continent’s smallest and most widely distributed bear species. American black bears are omnivores, with their diets varying greatly depending on season and location. They typically live in largely forested areas, but do leave forests in search of food. Sometimes they become attracted to human communities because of the immediate availability of food. The American black bear is the world’s most common bear species.

It is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a least-concern species, due to its widespread distribution and a large population estimated to be twice that of all other bear species combined. Along with the brown bear, it is one of only two of the eight modern bear species not considered by the IUCN to be globally threatened with extinction. American black bears often mark trees using their teeth and claws as a form of communication with other bears, a behavior common to many species of bears. – Wikipedia

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28 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe’s 575lb “Brutus The Bear” Killed, Raises Questions About How He Was Hunted

  1. could not agree more!! I am all for hunting when the playing field is fair. they used hounds and high tech tracking equipment to track brutus. I dont care if the pics are not brutus, the story IS about him and the unfairness of a hunt when hounds and equipment is used is an unfair advantage. If a person is incapable of hunting with a rifle and his wit VS a bear, elk, deer, then they are not hunters. they are killers. BIG difference

  2. Hounding and using high tech tracking is as FAR from “hunting” as one can get! ESPECIALLY when it comes to a 19 year old bear! Despicable that you think because its ” legal” makes it moral! Brutus was 19! He survived because he was smarter than people like you who think if its “legal” that is all that matters. The moral fiber you possess is disgusting! A good,fair kill and a “legal” kill are worlds apart! If a person is incapable of hunting with just their wit and a gun,VS a wild animal then shame on them! When you have to use hounds and high tech radar and other equipment that leads you right to an animal, you have no right to be called a hunter. You are not!

  3. Fuck, man. People eat bear. Anyone intending to dox someone, be advised. You will go to jail in the very least and depending on the severity of the circumstances, you’ll go to prison for exposing personally identifiable information. It’s a b class misdemeanor which will earn you time, morons.

    Anyone saying “Oh, but man hunting a bear.”, people hunt and harvest bear for food.

    You have some weird idea that just because you think something is wrong, it’s wrong. Senseless morons. What he did was perfectly legal, and you can’t stand it so you want to break the law to justify your childish immature couldn’t-get-your-way temper tantrums.

    These guys aren’t overhunting, they’re not out there poaching. They’re being responsible and hunting in a fashion which has been used since colonists settled this continent.

    People up here suck so fucking much.

  4. Wolves are cool too .
    I personally think the more wild animals the better,
    Grizzlies might actually be reintroduced into California and i think it’s a great idea .
    Let’s not forget the lady in incline village Nevada who thinks all bears and coyotes are nuisance animals and should be trapped and euthanized. That’s not very sporting.
    The reality is all states have kooks who want to take away all of your rights to hunt and fish .
    I am a hunter but bears are not the game I want to hunt.

    1. It’s legal to hunt bears in CA. 607 have been shot this year.

      Unless you’re at the headwaters of a mountain range the majority of people in America, (and the majority of the population in CA) drinks water flushed down someone’s toilet.

      You’re obviously of superior morality, intelligence and information sourcing. Way to go bro.

  5. Black bears in Nevada are not aggressive and most likely
    Won’t attack when threatened, how would you deal with a 700 lb . Grizzly bear running at you faster than a human being can run and tossing your dogs into the air like rag dolls ? Maybe 100 years ago it was necessary to kill a bear to survive but there are other game animals that can be harvested to fill your freezer, but bears ? The bear population has been hunted to near extinction by humans, just leave the bears alone .

  6. Personally I don’t hunt bear. However I have no moral objection to it. Hopefully we can keep Nevada like Nevada and not turn it into Eastern California.

    NV is a place where we (natives) pride ourselves in staying out of other people’s business. CA is a place where people love to tell each other what to do and how to think. Not a lot of room for discussion and inclusion of other ideas or ways of living.

    On a related discussion, I’m looking forward to wolf pack’s coming back to CA and Northern Nevada. There have been several sightings near Truckee recently. Can’t wait to see what CA peeps think when wolves are back in force running through the hills like the good ol’ days 🙂

    1. Reno and most of northern Nevada only exists because of water that flows out of Lake Tahoe in California. Not to mention most of the fresh vegetables & Fruits are grown in California that supplies the nation with the highest quality produce . Don’t shit on California.

      1. Aren’t we all so lucky to live off the fruit and water of the CA bosom? Therefore we must all submit to your politics and ideas because you are indeed superior. Typical CA elitist BS.

        The funny thing is the portion of the state where all the fruit and veggies comes from is in general conservative leaning, pro hunting, pro damn building, pro logging, and hate the politics associated with the bay, Socal and mountain tree huggers. My friends and family are some the biggest farmers up and down the central valley and in general they are embarrassed and appalled by the political culture of their state.

        I do get to shit on CA. I own a house in Carnelian Bay. It has a really nice toilet. Its a lakefront and much nicer than yours.

        Sorry but CA has garbage politics.

        It’s amazing how CA prides itself as a tolerant accepting society. Sanctuary cities, transgender bathrooms, etc, etc, but if you’re a law abiding hunter you’re a piece of shit and slut shamed into silent.

        Keeping riding your high horse California cowboy.

  7. It’s all fun and games until one of your kids loses a finger or hand !
    Way to be a good dad .
    Dumbass . Don’t be like D .

    1. How do you raise your kids? I’m raising my children to be self sufficient and self relient. Throwing knives and hatchets under supervision is no more dangerous than throwing darts. My 12yr old daughter is also very proficient with a sling shot. A REAL dumbass uses the TV and video games as babysitters while supplying an endless supply of junk food and soft drinks to obese and disrespectful burdens to society. My kids are lean, fit and athletic. We lived in a tipi and cooked EVERY meal over an open fire and the kids fell asleep with coyotes howling. They frequently ask if we could please move back in a tipi. What kind of life experiences do you provide for your kids?Soooo, who’s the real dumbass now?

  8. This is why most of America hates the left… They pontificate their ideas with a false sense of truth.

    In the South, we hunt hogs with dogs and a huge knife for an up close and personal hunt. Now get ready for the soapbox whining. LOL

  9. I just love how people want to judge other people and have no idea what they are talking about. I am a hunter and I hunt game to feed my family good healthy meat that’s not pumped with steroids and other crap. If it weren’t for hunters animals would be over populated and having to compete more for food. We keep there numbers in check. Also we contribute more to conservation of our natural resources than any other organization in the United states.

  10. Yes!!!! We eat Bear. My 3yr old daughter loves Bear. My 9 and 12yr old daughters throw 12″ knives and hatchets. My 6yr old son shoots his own compound bow. We typically eat 3-4 deer over the course of a winter. We have Deer, Buffalo, Caribou and Bear mounted on our walls. I drive a 4×4 not a Prius. My children know, respect and are not afraid of firearms. We wear leather boots and belts. We are good people. I carry a 1911 .45 with 2 spare clips on a daily basis in a shoulder holster. Why??? Because we live remote and we like it that way. My children are straight A honor students and attend public school. They have 39 kids in their school from Pk- 8th grade. A gun is no more dangerous than a hammer IF in properly trained hands. Different strokes for different folks. Wouldn’t trade our life for any other. Thanks.

  11. The author of this article needs to check facts. This was not Brutus. Just call NDOW to verify before printing a story, and maybe share both sides of the story for credibility.

  12. The point is there are 1700 bears that the state needs to harvest. 90 have thus been harvested. There are many ways to hunt the bears. Each individual makes the choice. If hunting bears with dogs is his choice. It is legal was to harvest. What is the problem? The bear sorta hangs around people and garbage. That’s a problem in the making. Congratulations to the hunter. The state benefits from the fees and taxes.

  13. WTF is the point of hunting this bear? Are you going to feed the bear meat to your family because you can’t afford to buy a pot roast at the local Food 4 Less?

    Big man, you can kill a bear with a dozen hounds, a team of trackers and hunters armed to the hilt with the latest gps, infrared and high caliber weaponry and technology.

  14. Totally agree with NV Hunter. Different state, different laws. Congrats on killing a giant bear! BTW, harvesting a bear is extremely hard to do, even with dogs.

  15. Trophy harvesting. H.arvesting is something you do to feed your family. Dogs chase the bear up a tree than you shout him. Good job moron. Do you eat bear meet??

  16. I’m with Jeff. Take this mans picture and do some reverse engineering to find out who he is. 4chan here I come. Takes a real big man to shoot a gun. Not.

  17. I bet he fells like a big man right now! So to put him in his place, as well as other cheep shoot hunters, post names, addresses, phone #s, e-mails and let the public show them what they are really worth!

    1. I’m not sure how much you know about bear hunting , but, people do eat bear. Just because you don’t like hunting doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy the sport. Also to shed a little knowledge for you all firearms, hunting gear, and hunting permits have taxes on them that pays for wildlife conservation and habitat restoration.

      In regards to hunting with hounds using dogs allows hunters to be selective in their hunts taking older more dominant boars (male bears) out of the population. This gives younger male bears a chance to establish themselves and also significantly decreases the chances of hunters harvesting a female bear.

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