Las Leñas, Argentina Gets Clobbered with 60 Inches of Snow Today | Photo Tour

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Las Lenas today
Las Lenas today

Catedral in Bariloche isn’t the only place in Argentina getting big snow right now.

Las Leñas, Argentina just got 60 inches of new snow on the summit (11,253-ft) and 40 inches at the base (7,350-ft).

Leñas has had a rough season with extremely dry conditions, high temperatures, and no real storms since early June.

Translation =
Translation = 101.5cms at the base & 150cms at the summit.

All that changed today when a monsterous, fast-moving storm pummeled the mountain with big snow and high wind.  

Humans in Las Leñas went from dire straights to full jubilation in less than 24 hours today.

Las Lenas today was deep at the base
Las Lenas today was deep at the base

There really wasn’t anything to ride at Leñas today due to the storm today.  There are no trees up there, so there is no tree skiing.  Skiing during a storm at Leñas is like skiing in a white bubble.

Now that the snow has arrived, it’s going to be very interesting to see if/when they can get the infamous Marte chair open.  When the Marte is open, and the conditions are good (as they will be), there are very few ski resorts on Earth that can rival Las Leñas.

Las Lenas village today
Las Lenas village today

First, they’ll have to play the waiting game with the Marte.

The forecast looks really good for tomorrow and Friday before it gets real warm and cooks the snow Friday afternoon and Saturday.  Pray for the Marte tonight…

Video of Miles & Eric in Las Leñas on a great day in August 2011


Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.58.29 PM

See how the mountain looked before the storm:

Las Leñas, Argentina Conditions Update | So Dry, They Might Close Early This Year…


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