Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort, NV Set for Ambitious $35-Million ‘Year-Round Playground’ Upgrades

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lee canyon, upgrade, expansion, Las Vegas, nevada
Las Vegas, NV in the middle of the Mojave Desert, isn’t an area you’d associate with snowy mountains and skiing. Credit: Lee Canyon, NV

A ski area near Las Vegas, Nevada could get a winter sports makeover and add summer thrill rides and zip lines, under a plan that federal officials have posted for public comment. The ambitious and long-delayed The Lee Canyon plan, to expand Southern Nevada’s only ski resort, was posted Aug. 17 by the US Forest Service and includes $35 million in Lee Canyon upgrades.

The Lee Canyon Ski and Snowboard Resort, NV, aka Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort (LVSSR), was taken over by Utah based POWDR Corp, one of the largest ski area operators in North America, in 2003. It currently has 445 skiable acres, 30 trails and receives, on average, 212″ of annual snowfall.

The plan to create a year-round playground would more than double the ski area, add chairlifts, downhill runs, parking and snow-making, upgrade or replace 50-year old buildings and improve the water system. It also includes summer plans to add bike trails and a “mountain coaster.”

“We’re excited, and we hope everyone else is excited too,” said Jim Seely, marketing and technology director for the resort. “We hope everyone will take a look and give us feedback on how to make Lee Canyon better.”

lee canyon, upgrade, expansion, Las Vegas, nevada
Ski just outside Las Vegas.

The Mount Charleston attraction was formerly called the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort and is about 40 miles northwest of the Las Vegas Strip. Pending the outcome of the forest service review, work could start on some of the new downhill mountain bike trails as soon as next summer, with the entire development plan slated to take about 12 years to complete.

“The forest (service) is eager to hear what the public thinks and if there are other considerations to take into account before a final decision is made,” said Forest Supervisor Bill Dunkelberger in a written statement.

At least one outspoken — and litigious — environmental group is already weighing in. The public has 45 days to comment.

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7 thoughts on “Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort, NV Set for Ambitious $35-Million ‘Year-Round Playground’ Upgrades

  1. I believe this is a great idea, does anyone know if there are any plans for permanent electricity to be run in the area?

  2. I like the idea and it can create new fun activities for people visiting or residents. It should be upgraded and updated, it is very dated. I would be excited to visit the venue. I would like it if they had some cross country skiing or snow shoeing too. The zip line would be great.

  3. I think it’s a bad idea. The management talks about staying on trails, and not ruining the habitat for the wild life. Such as the Blue butter fly, or the chipmunks that only live in these Mountains. So now they want to forget about all that for there own benefit. Sounds like the management there. They will do, and say anything to get what they want. I think it should stay just how it is. Thank You!

  4. Steven,
    We have natural springs for man made, we just need the resevores to contain the water needed to blow our snow.
    Also, it is not “now” known as Las Vegas Ski Resort…. it is and always known as “Lee Canyon!” -LeeCanyonLocals

  5. Sounds like a bad gamble to me. Snow is retreating further north every year. But no one ever said Powdr Corp were smart (remember Park City screw up?) .

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