Lassen National Park Highway FINALLY Scheduled To Open | Latest Opening In At Least 37 Years

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Image: Lassen Volcanic National Park Facebook, July 22, 2017

Lassen National Park Highway opening date was pushed back from July 24th to July 27th. This opening date is almost a week later than the historically late opening in 1995 on July 21st and might be the last mountain pass to open in the U.S. The Park will be open to through vehicle traffic just in time for their 101st-year- Anniversary in August.

Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway opening is here!

“The anticipated date is finally here! Thanks to our road crew and help from plow operators at Cal-Trans District 2, and Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, Lassen National Park Highway will open in its entirety July 27th! What have you been looking forward to once the road opens?” – Lassen Volcanic National Park, Facebook update July 22nd

Road Clearing Started on April 4th this year.

The park road is 30 miles long.  

The National Park has updates, photos, videos trip planning and descriptions of their hard work, like this one here: 

Road Opening Process

The park highway will open to through traffic once the final section between Bumpass Hell and Devastated Area is cleared, rockfalls are cleared, and all lingering ice is melted. The road opening process may be delayed by late snow storms as well as other factors including:

  • Heavy snowpack with deeper snowdrifts in some areas
  • Trees that have fallen across the road and been buried in the snow
  • Rockslides over the highway when the snow begins to melt
  • Snow avalanches over cleared sections of the highway
  • Snow storms during the operations
  • Lingering ice once snow is cleared”


Hike & Bike the Highway in Lassen Volcanic National Park is a yearly historic event that typically runs the day before the road opens to through traffic for vehicles. This year it will not be so. The parks have decided to not close the road to vehicles, presumably because of the late opening of the road.

“Hikers and bicyclists are welcome to enjoy the stretch between Lassen Peak parking area and Summit Lake vehicle-free through Wednesday, 7/26. Please be cautious of equipment parked on the roadway. The remainder of the highway remains open to vehicles (Manzanita Lake to Summit Lake and Southwest Entrance to Lassen Peak parking area). See a map at The highway will not close to vehicles for Hike and Bike the Highway this year.” – Lassen Volcanic National Park, Facebook update 7/23/17

The National Park Highway saw 28-Feet of snowfall this year, original story with insane pictures of the past and present: 

Lassen Volcanic National Park Road, CA Is STILL CLOSED & Buried Under 10+ FEET Of Snow

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  1. I have been there since Sunday and the route has been open all the way through. Both North and South campgrounds are open on very occupied. Some of the hiking trails to have snow on them but not impassable. Somebody needs to stop this fake news I send it

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