Late January Snowfall Forecast Analysis: Cautious Optimism About Favorable Patterns

Clay Malott | | WeatherWeather

I analyzed several forecasts and compiled my predictions for the last few weeks of January rolling into February. These next couple of weeks will be crucial to determine the rest of ski resorts’ seasons as well as summer 2021 drought and fire risk.

This is the third installment in my snow forecast analysis series for the winter, where I do two videos per month giving snowfall forecast analyses. The goal is to help SnowBrains readers find the good snow! Thus far, the series has been incredibly popular among SnowBrains readers. The series has been very accurate so far, with the most recent analysis being about 92.5% accurate!

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4 thoughts on “Late January Snowfall Forecast Analysis: Cautious Optimism About Favorable Patterns

  1. I’ve always seen NW flows to favor Bridger Bowl and Targhee, not Big Sky.
    SW flows typically favor Lone Peak and Jackson.

  2. Clay,

    Have a group heading to Alyeska AK on the 24th. Anything you can share about the outlook up there?

    1. Hey there, Brett. Looks like quite a bit of snow for Alyeksa over the next week or so. Model estimates are in somewhat disagreement, with forecast totals ranging from 25-100 inches by the 24th. I would put my money on the 50-70 inch range. Beyond that, the forecasts look like one tiny little storm around the 26th-27th (2-5 inches), but other than that, not much forecasted into the beginning of February.

      Turns will be soft during your trip, but don’t expect too much fresh snow while you’re there. The models can always change in the blink of an eye, so keep your fingers crossed for more snow!

      Have an awesome trip!

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