The World’s Toughest Race? The Leadville 100 Ultramarathon is this Weekend

Greg Obernesser |

The Leadville 100 ultramarathon is this weekend! Are you into running? Do you sometimes push it and run the extra mile around your neighborhood? Have you run a marathon? What about an ultramarathon? Or do you enjoy running up trails at suicide pace, heaving as you try to suck as much air into your lungs as you possibly can, only to end up in a phlegm inducing tunnel of pain? If the latter, this masochistic event might be for you!

Leadville 100. Credit: Leadville 100 Race Series

As mentioned, this event is as serious as they come… The course is an out and back race that is 100 miles long. The race is in Leadville, Colorado, a small and old mining town nestled at the foothills of some of the biggest peaks in the United States. The lowest elevation in the race is 9,200 feet (2,804 meters) and the highest point is Hope Pass at 12,600 feet (3,840 meters). If you are not impressed, the racers will climb and descend 15,600 feet (4,800 meters)! (source: Wikipedia)

If you are in the area, go cheer on some runners… they’re going to need it!

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