LEKI Ski Poles and Gloves Work Together Perfectly

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LEKI is the leader in ski pole innovation. Image: Scott Markewitz.

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LEKI has long been known as the leader in ski pole and glove innovation. The brand is in and on the hands of elite athletes ripping down world cup alpine races, speedy cross-country skiers, big mountain pro skiers, ski instructors, and serious recreational skiers alike.  

But what is the big deal? What makes LEKI so innovative? Is it Injury prevention, durability, light products, comfort, or all of the above? Based on innovation, LEKI says, 

We never rest on our laurels. We review our performance daily. Today’s challenges become tomorrow’s solutions and products. We are constantly looking for better and more practical solutions for our demanding customers.” 

Skiers have personal preferences regarding ski poles, straps, grips, and gloves. They discuss it as a crucial interaction that contributes to the overall enjoyment of a day on the slopes. LEKI has different designs for functionality to suit all skier’s preferences. 

When LEKI introduced its Trigger System in 1999, it revolutionized the ski pole market and set the company apart from other pole manufacturers. The unique way of linking the pole grip to the hand of skiers through a click-in system made ski poles safer. In 2020, the technology was upgraded to Trigger 3D. 

With its three-dimensional release, the release now has even more control, comfort, and safety on the slopes. It is important to note that many LEKI poles still offer a traditional grip/strap system, as LEKI appreciates that some skiers prefer a loop strap to the Trigger system.

Gloves Are Important, And LEKI Gloves Work Together With Any Ski Poles

For skiers, gloves are one of the most critical pieces of equipment; they provide warmth, protection, and comfort when you have the right ones. The interaction with the glove and pole in terms of comfort and performance is essential for professional skiers and serious recreational skiers alike.

LEKI has an all-encompassing glove line-up with 50+ models to perfectly match the most appropriate glove and pole combination for any weather condition. Whether you choose a LEKI pole with the Trigger system or any traditional strap pole, LEKI gloves deliver exceptional performance, durability, and comfort.

They have a fleet of highly thought-out and impeccably designed gloves to match the many skiing activities their poles are designed for. LEKI gloves/mittens are produced from the highest quality materials in the industry and have the added benefit of being perfectly compatible with all LEKI poles. While LEKI gloves/mittens work perfectly with the Trigger system, they work equally well with any ski pole with a traditional strap. Whether used with the Trigger system or as a stand-alone, LEKI gloves/mittens are world-class. This makes a perfect fit for skiers looking for high-quality gloves for any on-mountain situation. 

Guide To Picking The Right Glove

The PATROL 3D is part of the new LEKI Classic Collection. Image: LEKI.
  • The Patrol 3D from the LEKI Classic Collection –  Is made of premium goatskin and has an anti-slip Silicone Nash on the palm for optimal gripping power. The fit is comfortable with a flex cuff which gives the feeling it is already shaped to fit your hand and feels perfect—this glove pairs with any Trigger S or Trigger 3D pole for added performance.
  • For spring skiing, we recommend the Lightning 3D Spring Glove – A premium spring-weight glove that looks as good as it skis. It has a neoprene cuff made from 100% Goatskin, and of course, it has a built-in Trigger system for a close connection with all Trigger S and Trigger 3D poles.

Check out LEKI poles and gloves if you want to level up your skiing with comfort and style.

LEKI Lightning 3D Spring Glove. Image: LEKI.

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