If You Like Mountains, You’ll Like This | VIDEO: “The Ridge” by Camp 4 Collective

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This video is stunning.  It’s well filmed.  The route is well flown.  There is no wind.  It’s sunset.  It’s warm.  It’s gorgeous.

What’s most impressive is that this video is that it is one continuous shot.  No cuts.  No deception.  Video truth.

If you haven’t been to Alaska, it’s time to go.  Yes, Alaska has the best skiing.  Yes, Alaska has the best ski mountaineering.  Yes, Alaska has the biggest wow factor.  You don’t constantly hear about Alaska because it isn’t Alaska.

Camp 4 Collective does nothing but inspire.  Thanks guys.

A Camp4 Collective sketch
Filmed in Denali National Park June 25, 2014
Anson Fogel Cinematographer // Cineflex Operator // Editor
Filmed for the film ‘The Sanctity of Space’, Directed by Freddie Wilkinson + Renan Ozturk



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