UPDATE: Lindsey Vonn’s Dream of Racing with the Men a Step Closer to Reality

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Lindsey Vonn crushing it on course in 2015.

Following an International Ski Federation (FIS) meeting last week, Lindsey Vonn’s dream of racing against the men is a step closer.

As SnowBrains reported two weeks ago, Lindsey has been trying for almost ten years to race the men and has asked for this most recent opportunity, slated for late 2018 at the downhill event in Lake Louise, Canada, to be considered. This is a race she has won many times previously, and the men’s and women courses are very similar.

U.S. Ski & Snowboard says a proposal to the FIS for a one-time exception for Lindsey was reviewed in a preliminary meeting of the FIS Alpine Executive Board last Tuesday in Zurich. Given that the proposal was for the 2018-19 season, the board opted to table the motion until it meets again at next May’s FIS Congress in Greece. Her previous proposal in 2012 was flatly refused.

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FIS to formally discuss Vonn officially racing men at May 2018 meeting. Credit: fis-ski.com

U.S. officials were happy with the outcome as a first step to working with FIS on a plan that would provide Vonn with the opportunity and create a showcase event to promote the sport. U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Director Patrick Riml said, in a statement.

“We’re encouraged by the discussion and the fact that we now have a formal proposal in front of FIS which we can review with FIS in more detail during the season ahead. There is support for the proposal among members of the executive board but also many points to clarify with FIS.”

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Image: Erich Spiess via Red Bull

Vonn owns the women’s record for World Cup wins with 77 and is just nine wins from equaling the men’s mark set by Ingemar Stenmark of Sweden.


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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Lindsey Vonn’s Dream of Racing with the Men a Step Closer to Reality

  1. This is such a publicity stunt for Linsey Vonn and the FIS. The FIS is only considering a one race exhibition by weighing the possibility of attracting new sponsors. She is only petitioning for one exhibition race in an effort to attract new and more sponsorship money for herself. Its money driven, obviously. So, I ask the question, “Why only petition for one race with the men?”

    If Lindsey Vonn’s dream is to race with men, she should petition to just allow the combining of the women’s and men’s division. If the sport is truly about racing, it should be about championing the fastest regardless of sex. Right? The American Auto Racing industry has already blazed that trail with Danica Patrick. So, I don’t see how the FIS has not embraced the combining of divisions.

    I also urge the sporting community to push for the combining of divisions in the Olympics, MMA, basketball, soccer, etc, etc. But then you have to ask yourself, “Why hasn’t that happened in our modern day society? Why? That is the question. Think long and hard about that one.

    Time to get ready for my preseason ski training session. Cheers!

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