Lindsey Vonn Shared Her Phone Number With the World | Encourages Fans to Text Her

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Lindsey Vonn.
Lindsey Vonn. The winningest female ski racer in history.

Lindsey Vonn intentionally shared her phone number on Twitter last week and is encouraging fans to get in touch. Initially, people assumed her account had been hacked when she put out the following Tweet to her 1-million followers:

“Want to text me? I got this new number and now I can text my fans directly! Social media is great but it’s not as personal as texting. I can’t get back to everyone but you’ll get something special I promise💃🏼 970-471-7878 #textme”

Minutes after posting the first message, 34-year old Vonn followed up with a video to reassure followers that she had in fact intentionally tweeted her phone number.

“Guys, I did not get hacked. I just texted, tweeted my phone number. So text me. It’s only for my fans, for my true fans. If you’re not, then you probably just shouldn’t bother. Bye!”

Sending her a text results in an automatic message until she can respond personally.

The message reads, “Hey it’s LV! I’m really excited to be able to text you directly. I love my fans and sharing my life with you! Now you can always get ahold of me. Just make sure you click the link and add yourself to my phone so I can respond to you.”

It’s early days, and I’m sure the internet will find ways of abusing this, but Vonn does not appear to have any immediate regrets about sharing her phone number with the world. I hope she has filtered certain words and is unable to receive pics or videos!

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