Lindsey Vonn Suffered A Back Injury At St. Moritz, Switzerland On Saturday | It Withheld Her From Racing On Sunday

Chris Wallner | | Industry NewsIndustry News
Lindsey Vonn injured at St. Moritz, Switzerland. Image: Getty Images

On Saturday, Lindsey Vonn suffered a back injury during a Super-G race at St. Moritz, Switzerland. She suffered from an acute facet (spinal joint) dysfunction. On the 6th gate she got compressed and her back seized up.

In the end, Lindsey Vonn finished the race 1.56 seconds behind the leader, which is obviously not a good performance for her, as she is used to winning. After the race, she was checked out by team doctors and they reported that there was no need for further imaging. She just needed to rest up in order for her muscles to recuperate, allowing her to move again.

Sadly, this injury withheld her from competing on Sunday. Although, it may be for the best, as she has her eyes set on winning a few gold medals in the Olympics come February. There’s still plenty of time, so we are hoping that Lindsey is able to make a full recovery and get back out there in preparation of the Olympics.

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