Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT Never Opened Today Due to “Extreme Avalanche Danger” + Alta & Snowbird Placed Under “Interlodge”

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Extreme avalanche danger and snowfall rates up to 2″ per hour kept the road into Little Cottonwood Canyon (Hwy 210) closed all day today and kept both Alta & Snowbird under “Maximum Security Interlodge” all day today.

Interlodge is where no one in the Alta nor Snowbird areas is allowed to go outside due to the very high risk of avalanches.

Interlodge is rare, usually only happening once or twice per season.  

Last season it only happened once, but for 54-hours.

Alta just saw 26″ of new snow in 24-hours.

Utah’s snowpack has been extremely dangerous this season having already taken 6 lives this season.

The USA just saw its deadliest avalanche cycle history with 19 avalanche deaths in 16-days and it’s not over yet.


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