VIDEO: Listen to this Little Girl Battle Her Fears Before Dropping in On Biggest Jump of Her Life…

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We all know that feeling as we stand on the edge of a gnarly line, you want to drop-in but every survival instinct in your body is telling you it’s not the best idea. Those thoughts and emotions are usually an internal dialogue, between you and your fears.

This is what makes this video so awesome. It’s not about skiing or jumping. It’s a little girl verbally battling her own emotions, facing her fears, before overcoming them then nailing the jump itself.

The jump is not small, the launch is a good 6-feet high and it crosses a cat-track before the landing slope starts, at a guess a good 8-feet horizontal, and that’s only to the start of the landing ramp, no idea what distance she got on this, her first K40 jump.

Personally, I find it inspirational… go girl!

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