Local South Lake Tele Skier Shreds Flagpole Peak

Bevan Waite |

Ty Dayberry has been a notable tele skier since he was a kid.  Born and raised in Meyers, CA, he’s had some quality time to explore the area.  He’s been climbing and skiing flagpole peak his whole life and he seems to have it pretty dialed.

“Its rad to progress on the same canvas year after year.  It’s such an accessible zone that holds good snow, even in the late spring.” – Ty

Looks pretty darn tasty, Ty.

Tele nose butter in mini pipe. P: Josh Daiek
Tele skiing on traditional longboard skis.
Tele Slash. P: David Braun Photography



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One thought on “Local South Lake Tele Skier Shreds Flagpole Peak

  1. Yes, Flagpole is a great ski I’ve skied it a couple of times. But I am taking exception to the photo captioned with “tele skiing with longboard skis” Longboard skis are for racing (not tele skiing) at Plumas Eureka State Park. Races are the third Sunday of January, February, and March each year. The March race is the annual world championship race. Look for a feature of it coming up in Powder Magazine. Miles… you should cover the longboard races next year. Lastly the third photo is by Dave Braun, hi Dave. I haven’t seen you in a long while. Let’s ski the high Sierra this summer since the snow will be there all summer. Eric M

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